gf's parents kicked a boy

Date: 8/12/2017

By rs

my girlfriend and I were driving in my car and we drove to my girlfriends house and their parents were in the yard beating the shit out of a little boy who was probably like 10 years old or something and he was our friend (idk why tho, we're 18). like kicking him and stuff. And we got out of the car and we told them to stop and I like shielded him with my body and my girlfriend shielded me. he had blood all over his head and i wiped it off and looked at his face, he smiled at me and said its ok. we got him in the car and i started driving away then i was like "wait we forgot about the pizza party" and turned the car around to go back to my gf's place. their parents were still in the yard but now there were some tables in the yard too with boxes of pizza on them. me and my gf got out and grabbed a bunch of slices of pizza and drove away with the boy again