A fish called McDonald's

Date: 2/22/2017

By atwoodforprez

Liz was quasi working at a hair place. The place was huge. Liz (or my mom via texting) asked me for a favor. I followed Liz outside behind the dumpsters, through a wooded area to a tree that pumped water out. A fish called McDonald's poured through the water stream. It was blue and squid like. Collected two and teleported back inside. Laughed with Tom and Liz about life. Then waited for a free hair salon chair. My hair was messed up. I felt people judging me. I judged them. One girl with long red hair played with her split ends while on her cellphone. She was very hot but I could tell was upset to be so flawed with split ends and God knows what else. Scene changed to a community center. Some drunks came through. They were being forced to an AA meeting. The energy of those snobby girls at the salon was present.