Date: 4/24/2017

By deepa

so my mother pesters me ahout why my period isnt here and keeps telling me mines supposed to be here 2 weeks ago and shes being so shady n i tell her no and that i know when it will come cus i got a app so somehow to Prove that i go for some thing some class which is totally unrelated about an agent idk.. since my marketimg paper is today.. something about what the agent shud do n not.. and then theres some bit with me studying with celine? until rly late n shes gonna uber home but i wait for the bus and somehow i end up in someones room and my mother calls n i accidentally accept her video call for brief few seconds. and then i meet geo and we go into some burger king or smth and i order chicken wings but somehow in a few mins time the shop is closed and the street with a whole line of shops r also closed so we decide to leave. another dream bit about my contact lens solution for some reason in my lens case im picking out small bits of hair like as if they r the contactsand put them securelyidk...