Date: 4/4/2017

By deepa

there was a rly gruesome gruesomw murder with a small boy exploding in some freezer and im very traumatised by it cus i guess he was my brother it was So awful..and its a rly sad point for the family idk and his bunk bed is empty i think he was a special kid and i forgot why he webt in there but the body was awful.. smth with me shaving legs with a eyebrow shaver and going to some tower thing and joon brings me? cus im rly sad and klaudias good with it. and then me klaud and someone goes to some music store? and im always retreatinf to the music bits instead of the books and i guess we look at pictures of..terry jones? idk another dream in a classroom where im proper lost and ots raining outside maybe. another bit with me and celine at some theme park and i ditch her for klaud and joon i think but screw her... me and geo are at some 10minute sale thing where im lookig at some clothes..and i think of staying over with him but i forgot to bring some essentials and ask my mother and hes convincing me to go home to get my stuff or to bring him over but im like huh hell no! smth else...what else happened um...