Weird Batman

Date: 4/12/2017

By KayDeeKay

I had a lot of dreams but the one I remember most was that I was watching this guy and he was Batman. The thing is, he was trying to do his undercover project and he meets this regular girl and ends up really liking her. He takes her on a date and they have a good time . This is a pretty futuristic world and the women has this house robot that helps around the house. Bruce started showing off by asking the robot to mirror his movements. So he starts doing these insane martial arts moves and the robot mirrors. It gets to the point through where the robot adapts and beings actually sparring him so they have this really cool battle. The girl's crazy ex boyfriend is this evil guy and he was spying on her and Bruce. Bruce leaves and he doesn't call back for a couple of days so she gets worried. The bad guy comes in to try and steal her away and she ends up calling then police. Bruce eventually shows back up again to catch this bad guy, he is worried he will escape. The dream fades from here.