i gave birth to a squirrel

Date: 7/8/2019

By squidward

i was in this garage at this party. i had a boyfriend and he was a musician. i realized that he got me pregnant and i went to tell him, but when i walked up to him, he forgot i existed and had no idea who i was. i didn’t care tbh and i got tired and fell asleep in front of him when he was playing his guitar and he thought i was a fan. my mom saw me sleeping in front of him and she thought something was up. i got teleported to school and was in the bathrooms. i left and i found sophia and told her i was pregnant. she was happy for me. i was so neutral about it i went to history class and i told cody. he was happy too. class got dismissed and he and marie walked me outside to the bus. marie’s uncle was driving the bus, so she jumped inside and hugged him. i got on the bus and realized i had been in labor for hours. it didn’t really hurt at all and i was kind of confused about that. i forgot about how i had a boyfriend in my dream and i heard alex talking behind me. i realized that alex and i had sex once and he was the dad. we definitely never had sex irl but my dream self thought we did for some reason. i didn’t know how to tell him. i got off the bus and my baby just appeared in my hands. my baby was a squirrel with blue fur and some red underneath the blue. it was a boy. i realized i left my bag on the bus and had no keys. i waited for alex to come to the door and i told him that he was the dad. he was sad and shocked and he brought me to his house. he told me i should name the baby dimitri or something like that. he still seemed really upset, so i told him i didn’t care if he was gonna abandon the baby and i didn’t care if he didn’t want to pay child support. he agreed to not see the baby again and i would be the only parent. his other family members came home and they were fighting amongst themselves. they realized there was a baby squirrel and they calmed down. his dad started talking to me saying that i should bring the baby squirrel over on holidays. he also said i should bring the baby squirrel to greece. alex put the baby on his shoulder and he started playing with it. i took it back because i didn’t want him to get emotionally attached since he would never see the baby again. idk how, but i saw the baby’s dna map. it was blue, red and teal and it was very pretty. i was about to leave, but his dad basically begged me to go to greece with them, so i went. all the girls there hated me and talked badly about me from the next room. i also felt like i was neglecting my baby because they told me not to breast feed when they are in the room, so i decided to just go back home