Trippy moon eclipse

Date: 2/26/2017

By thehumblegoddess

Was sitting on the front porch watching the moon. It was a little less than half a moon and I thought in my head shouldn't it be a new moon. As I thought that another moon moved slowly in front of the half moon as it passed over it sped up moving quickly across the sky. I was tripped out and screamed at Austin to come here. I told him what I saw but he wasn't excited. As I pointed to the moon I realized it had moved places and was now all the way across the sky. I told austin I mm not crazy I was sitting on the front porch it was right in front of me. He says well that a little scary. I'm a little hysterical. Suddenly his friend walks up to us making me jump and scream a little. I feel that the cops were looking for his friend and austin is saying how they never even arrest anyone. I looked again and the moon had moved yet again to another part in the sky. Extremely trippy.