horses and airports

Date: 6/2/2019

By jamiehaste

My mother, coach, teammates and I were in a big futuristic airport, shipping some horses overseas, the platform we were on started going out towards the plane and my mother and I were losing our footing. We both fell and were holding onto the edge, I was gripping the platform and my mother was holding my arm with hers. The platform came back after a little bit and we realised there was actually another bouncy platform under us the whole time. We sat on the bouncy platform and watched a big window that had a big city with lots of lights and it was pretty. I asked my mum to take an insta shot of me there and she was taking them but my teammates saw and i got embarrassed and left. Back in the airport, i saw my dad and sister and they couldn’t figure out the plane departure things so they went to look at some souvenirs while I figured out the planes.