olympics house and bathtub?

Date: 1/28/2017

By deepa

so smth like we(the camera) follows a bunch of olympians living in tbis olympics house thats specially for them right before their games to settle in and such...and for some reason we r there and theres a wheelchaor person running it(renting their house out for the athletes) n at the bottom floor theres a little guest house thing thats so crooked its gonns fall off also i think the guy in there dies? umm...theres smth with me lifting some weights...important bits r more with at some point theres me and some other ppl predrinking there and i share some "white gin" with someone and hates it and we sit n drink elsewhere n i keep snuggling jack and vishalini comes to say hi how strange? and.then we r by tbe house again and im there with jack by this canal for some reason theres a more murder vibe from the house owner and i think jack says he wants to do a headstand into the canal or smth? and i was like wtf...i think i stopped him.. and then i think some parts down which CONNECTS TO ANOTHER dream i had from before how like me n geo booked a bunch of diff hotels sccording to our schedules n its in a picture like couches side by side and this person idk who pops in n asks us where we r off to next and we say its the place with the bathtub n then we R at the place...and he tells his wife?? he tells his wife that she can sleep in another room cus she doesnt like to have the door locked and me n geo wanna use the bathtub in the toilet so she can have another room but she is Pissed off and im already in the bathtub and by in the bathtab i mean the toilet is MASSIVE N THE bathtub is so strange i need to draw it out....and im climbing around the sinks and the bathtab has thiz multiple use system where u can wash ur clothes u can do this n that all at once and i meet someone there i think its the B person on twitter and she asks me to rate this bus i took some day to get to some bartley sec or smth....and anyway i come outside n see geo n soem big chick i assume the wife lying on some like benches n when i approach she goes away so i kinda get on him and hump him for a mini second... later on i had more dreams to kind of put together the dream of the guy in the bottom guest house..but i forgot what i did of him