The One With the Sled Dogs

Date: 7/3/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m at some kind of sad excuse for an Italian restaurant with Renee. I can’t decide what to eat and the waitress is not having it ... We’re in the car and Renee jokingly decides to kiss each of the fingernails on my right hand. At first I’m freaked out, but then I think it’s hilarious ... I’m in a house (that’s supposed to be mine), completely covering the floor with colorful rubber toys. I can’t tell if they’re baby toys or dog toys. The lighting suddenly goes from day to night. Someone tells me and Renee that there are sled dogs outside, but we have to harness them up ourselves if we want to go for a ride. They tell me that the dogs will seem scary at first, but they won’t hurt me if I’m calm. I immediately run out and kneel down. Three of them (who are already harnessed together) charge at me and playfully run into me. Renee tries to harness a few more to put them in the back of the pack, but I tell her we need the wheel dogs back there (which we actually would if this was real). I make her pet the wheel dog beside me because he’s beautiful ... We’re babysitting Eric, but Andie is with us in the same house that we were in before. We’re all laughing hysterically. When they hand Eric to me, he starts to cry, and I hear that Jon is pulling up. I say, “Of course he would start crying right when Jon gets home!” I look at Eric again and realize that he’s falling asleep upright in my arms. Andie and I find this hilarious. When Jon comes in, he says something about Hulk Hogan, and I know it’s because “his wife just died.”