Kayaking -> London Waterloo

Date: 8/8/2017

By Megan425

Kayaking down 'a river' as party of a family holiday which turned into some sort of adventure tour. Suddenly we're being pursued and it's up to me to set traps and obstacles for the villains. Luckily I've read a lot of Westerns so I keep my cool (dream logic) - and quite easily seem to dispatch of the bad guys. Not before it comes to all of our attention that the beastie boys were actually from wales and had an album that was lost in the Welsh countryside - the beastie boys were playing over the loud speakers in the forest (so naturally we had a chat about their origins). Then im in London with my brother trying to help him navigate the underground- which is ridiculously complicated. We end up at Waterloo and it's a maze of construction and outdoor paddling pools. Michael decides it's time to take a bath. I have to pull him out of the water and chastise him. While everyone laughs at us. Suddenly we're on the platform to get to my house - except it's a tiny train and so it's really packed. And the front of the train says 'destination may change without notice'. Oh and Michael is dripping wet cuz of his previous bathing adventure.