The Crooked Man and his trap in the woods.

Date: 7/29/2017

By Halee

I woke up actually afraid for the first time in a long time. I remember being in a theater building, I think ? I think someone was talking about seeing something and I went to the bathroom and I had to talk some little girl into not cutting the line so Lindsey could go. Then I sat back down wherever I was and everything went to shit. I had a vision while sitting there and I saw a forest and in it was a hole, a trap for people to fall into and die. There were blood bags like you'd see in a hospital hanging for the tree branches around it. I think they filled up more and more as people fell in. And then I saw the Crooked Man and that was terrifying. He was the one who had set it up. Then I saw Levi and Pepper in the woods and a voice told me that they had survived because you had to listen to live and they had turned up their hearing aids. Then i was told that Mom had went/been taken but I couldn't see her so I don't think she made it. I don't know why this dream scared me so much.