Date: 1/29/2017

By deepa

ok long story where i just feel so emotionally drained like all i have i put it into this so in the dream for some reason geo comes to the decision hes gonna take a suicide pill and kill himself and im there for this pill intake n i let it happen and what follows tht is just sad n painful lik2 its not an immediate death sort lf thing it takes hours n hours n the whole time im with him and we talk and talk about what we r gonna do when hes gone and i cry a lot and im still wondering why he took it and i ask him lots of questions and we agree that i can keep all his pictures when hes gone and i ask him what do i tell his mom...couple times he passes out but wakes up after a while and even in public and evrytime im just basocally so upset n so confused oh my....and theres johnny andra and lots of other ppl who r upset bla bla and theres smth about a chocolate wine rice..... idk... and somehow im below my house with him not sure why n i think my mother sees us holding hands n such but hes gonna die so Wtf and im thinkng to myself like why didnt i call the ambulance when he passed out or when he took the pill at least they could have stopped it n saved him but now it seemed impossible.. a lot of thimgs omg we talk about a lot of things like "oh so much for saying we wanna do 2 semesters haha" idk...ok so at some point i think while im with him under my house OH YA BEFORE that i took the bus with him to my place and i was so worried like that he wouldnt make it cus he seemed so fragile n bloodless n weak but he managed to walk n such...ok so while we r at this block place he tells me he took a flu pill not a suicide pill like WTF BRO i wasnt mad but i think i just cried n asked him why that part pretty much ends but something like one of the chicks in the dream Knew about this plan... after that i bump into some guy and i tell him he doesnt know anything about photography some stranger basically n he follows me n talks to me telling me what it is to him and hes kinda charming but skme other mate of his cockblocks and doesnt even get the hint that he shud wait at the busstop Jesus...and then last scene im on the bus with johnny andrs i think? some other chick and geo and thsyre discussing beach parties or smth n asks what drinks r served n im like ?? "normal beachy drinks?" n the person beside me lists it down and then....idk some other talk n then i wake up oh ya and one other part is me and my sister r helping this indian family out with the wedding of two small girls like theyre both chicks and obviously thats cool but they were both like..5? omg....ew wtf