chased by a monster

Date: 3/13/2019

By kokotails

I was going to see a musical where the Jenks reasors is with my dad. we sit down a seat away from Grace and her dad. I stand up for a second to hand them a blanket, when a large man in a black wrinkly suit sits in the seat between Grace and I. I’m uncomfortable, so I scoot to my right so I’m closer to my dad. The man puts his hand on my thigh and tells me to scoot closer to him and he does the same to Grace. Somebody calls him out and he leaves, running to backstage. Grace scoots to the chair next to me and we’re both freaking out bc when I left to get her a blanket, the man told her that he was “off his antipsychotics and feels like god”. We start getting really scared when we hear a loud crash and suddenly we’re outside a convenience store and the man has grown to be 10 ft tall and a slimy, black, reptile with a long spiked tail. He’s throwing wine bottles at me and I’m trying to defend myself and protect everyone. He says he’s gonna kill everyone he sees. I chuck a wine bottle at him and glass shatters everywhere on his feet and he lets out the most blood boiling scream. I start running. I leave Grace and my dad and I’m leading a pack of thousands of people out of Jenks reasors and south. It feels like I’m running through the parking lot for an eternity. Delia and Sydney are running right behind me. I can still hear the man roaring at us, I look behind me and what looks like millions of people are running out of the reasors following me. It’s like whatever I choose to do determines what happens to them too. I run past a train track in the woods and in front of me is another train track but there’s a train. I’m crying at this point, Sydney and I are ahead of everyone like they’re all taking their time. After the train passes, we sprint towards a huge wooden playhouse hidden in the trees. We climb up and notice that everyone else has kept running past it and we lost them. We can still hear the man roaring and feel him killing. Sydney and I are hiding from him when we see a couple with a baby underneath the playhouse. “Hello?” I say. “were you at the musical?” “yes....” “are you escaping too?” “yes...” They seem reluctant for our help but we insist on taking them with us. The husband tells us to get in their car and drive them to their house because they’re too afraid to drive. We get in their car and I drive slowly to their directions while holding their baby. It feels like I’m driving for one second going 2 mph until we arrive at their house. They get out of the car and thank us. Sydney is now Delia at this point. Her and I are feeling like heroes. Then I remember my dad. In this time, it’s been about an hour since the man started attacking in reasors/musical theater. I open up my find friends app and it shows that my dad is still at reasors and shows that the last thing he did was right a handwritten letter. He must’ve knew he was going to be killed and wrote a letter to tell them what happened. I start sobbing and saying “my dad. My dad. My dad.” Because I know it’s my fault he’s dead, I left him. That’s when I wake up.