Digital art 4k scene from a movie: Confusing the stupid cops, a woman enlists the help of a little girl to distract them and make a run for it, only to be caught and narrowly saved from being killed by her grandmother.

Stupid Cops Doing WHAT?!?!?!?!

Date: 2/24/2019

By blucanary

I first find myself pulling up to a house a few houses down and across the street from my own home. I get out of the car and say the plan outloud (almost like so the dreamer me wd understand what was going on) I said "Im pulling into their driveway so the police will think this is where I am. They dont know where I actually live, and there's no one here right now but one little girl, so they wont get any straight conherent answers!" I walk to the front door. It's open. I see a little girl sitting in the living room. She sees me amd walks towards me. I smile and talk very sweetly to her. I tell her I need her help. That bad cops are after me and I need her to try to confuse them in order to waste their time. I told her this made us sisters and sisters do anything for one another. She was happy to be my sister and gladly accepted. So I went through her house and then out the side. By the time I reached the side, the cops had arrived. Seeing my car in the driveway, the two cops (in one car though) pulled up and came out guns drawn (the one cop was that actor/comedian guy..hes white, looks little, gap in his teeth, balding but wore a wig in that show on comedy central where he played a cop. I think he might hv been in that comedy central childrens hospital where they make fun of ER and theres a clown or something..ANYWAY). I slowly look around the corner of the house. The cops are still standing outside so I cant make a run for it yet. Im waiting for the little girl to lure the cops inside. Then Im going to run for my own house. They begin to walk inside and I start to make my way to the front but then they stop. I dont have time to go back to the side so I hide in between some sheets of particle board that are standing up against the garage. The gap where Im "hiding" is huge. If they JUST turned their head a TINY BIT they cd see me. Or even just use their peripheral vision!!! But they never do. I dont understand. They're not leaving though and I know my luck in this spot wont last. How havent they already found me?! These cops are ridiculous! I decide to just run. These cops are so stupid they might not even see me run off. That's what I was thinking anyway. But I was wrong. They saw me make a run for it and chased me. I made it to my yard (which was actually my Grandma's yard) before they caught me. They had me on the ground and the main one (the one I described) was on top of me. He raised a knife (effer was straight up going to kill me) and I started to say something. He said, "Nothing you say will stop me from killing you right now!" I thought to myself "Oh yeah?! We'll see abt that!" and I yelled "GRANDMA!!!" My Grandma heard me and opened the front door, walking out to the scene of the cop straddling me with a knife raised above his head. I started crying and said "Grandma! He's going to slit my throat and then cut my brain out! All right here in our front yard!" I pictured the blood stains it wd temporarily leave on the grass. Grandma started crying too to see me in such a situation and begged the cop not to! My 'sweet sad old lady plan' worked, bc the cop sighed heavily and angrily, and instead slapped cuffs on me. So I wd be taken to jail instead of killed by cops in front of my Grandma. Win for me! Lol!

AI generated interpretation This dream may reflect feelings of fear, vulnerability, and a sense of being pursued or threatened in waking life. The presence of police officers in the dream indicates a feeling of being in a situation of authority and power. The dreamer's attempt to outwit the cops by creating a diversion with the little girl suggests a desire to avoid confrontation and protect oneself from perceived threats. The use of the grandmother in the dream may symbolize a need for support, protection, and nurturing during a challenging or dangerous situation. The dreamer's cry for help to their grandmother suggests a longing for safety and comfort in the face of danger. The fact that the dreamer was ultimately handcuffed and taken to jail instead of being harmed by the cop with a knife may reflect a sense of relief or escape from a potentially harmful situation in waking life. The dreamer's ability to think quickly and come up with a plan to save themselves may indicate a sense of resilience and resourcefulness in dealing with difficulties. Overall, this dream may be a reflection of the dreamer's underlying anxieties, fears, and coping mechanisms in the face of perceived threats or challenges in their waking life. It may be helpful for the dreamer to explore these feelings further and consider how they can address and overcome these fears in a healthy and productive way.