Alien "fight"

Date: 4/29/2017

By Palomino

I was on a space station with a group of other people. We were in the main area of the station. There were hostile aliens down a long hallway. Our leader had experience dealing with aliens of this type. He told us we could not fight them directly at first. We had to weaken them by making them feel negative emotions like embarrassment and frustration. Therefore, when the aliens breached the door and were about to attack, I invited them to join a band. I put one alien on drums and one on rhythm guitar. I played bass and yelled at them. My human colleagues made up the rest of the band. The guitar alien kept trying to run away and they would take turns fetching him back. I concentrated on yelling at the drummer. "No, no, you're hitting the cymbal all wrong!" and "Do you even know what a bass drum is!?"