Old people's homes, chunky shoes and an overly flirty Indian.

Date: 2/9/2017

By amandalyle

I was in what looked like an old people's residential home, roaming around the grounds. My friend Liz was there, with her son, William. I handed a lady a piece of paper and she looked down at William and asked if he was up adoption. I turned to her and laughed "No, why would he be up for adoption?" But she just looked at me like I had two heads. Liz and I then walked out of the home and down a street. We were laughing at something, and kept falling over in the street (probably drunk!) then I looked down at my phone to see that my blog had been sent to everyone on my Whats app chat even though I didn't want it to be sent. "OH fuck!" I thought. "There goes my private life!" Next scene; I was in a shop, looking at the shoe sell but, frustrating, I could only finding chunky gothic shoes in my size. "What horrible shoes!" I thought. Next scene: I was in London visiting Mat. When he was out of the room, his friend Saleem was being overly flirty - "have you got new nail varnish?!" He asked, slipping his hands onto my thigh. Next scene; It was night. Mat and I were in a open top convertible. I had a pile of board games in my hands. I left one game on someone's garden wall "why did you do that?" Mat asked. "There wasn't enough space!" I replied.