Part 1: Stripper Party and a Weird Ugly Veiny Misshapen Penis

Date: 3/7/2019

By blucanary

At what looked like strip club. Al and I are at a small table. He's being rude. I make a remark abt how someone else (Idk who I said) wd never so disrespectfully touch a whore (I get a vision in the dream - a memory of what happened just before I started dreaming it- of some dancer practically naked almost doing a back bend onto our table; skimpy red lingerie, brown hair hanging onto the table, neck exposed as if she's asking Al to kiss on it. She's on Als side of the table and he's standing over her and rubbing on her). He says to me "they're not whores" and I say (w some guy staring right at me, I now realize) "THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE! GIRLS WHO WILL F*** FOR MONEY OR GET NAKED FOR A ROOM FULL OF STRANGERS ARE, BY DEFINITION, WHORES!" and laughed at the absurdity of it. Like, "DUH! OF COURSE THEY'RE WHORES! HOW CAN YOU EVEN TRY DENYING IT?!?!" He gets upset like Im not allowed to state the obvious and gets up quietly and leaves. A girl comes up to me. Not one of the whores, just some girl. She hangs all over me. She literally has her arms wrapped around my neck and her head snuggled into my chest. At moments she has her legs wrapped me as well, other moments like when we're standing, she's just sanding right up against me, arms and head never changing positions. She won't let go. We're like this for a good few minutes when I notice that guy still staring at me. Just ever so slightly chunky, brown hair. Sweet looking. He wont stop staring. I remember making a face like "I wish this girl wd leave me alone Im kinda grossed out but dont wanna say anything bc I dont wanna hurt her feelings". A phone rings and the guy gets up and walks off. The phone doesnt stop ringing though, so he didnt go to answer it like I thought. I get her off of me (I hv to literally peel her off) and follow the ring. I find a landline phone just around the corner. Turns out I'm not at a club, just a fairly large house where someone's having a very large party (w/ strippers, billiards, fancy lights, lots of rooms for ppl to crash when it gets late, a full bar w a bartender, etc.) When I amswer the phone the person on the other end asks for Clarence (or something similiar to that). The guy who wdnt stop staring at me is sitting very close to the phone (close enough for me to reach out and touch if I wanted to) and I ask him very politely, "excuse me, are you Clarence"? He says he is not. He is actually someone I went to school with named Clint. Clint always liked me. All through elementary school and on through high school. I talk to him for just a momemt or two before I am again w Al and we sneak into a room to go to sleep (sneaking in so Clint doesnt see us and bother us). Al turns into my real life ex, Brian (Brian died irl a few yrs back rather unexpectedly). We start to get intimate. His penis is very small , thin. And really really bumpy. Like abnormally veiny! It's really weird!! I started out on top but cdnt get it positioned inside of me correctly for some reason so then he gets on top but we still cdnt get it right. He finally kinda got it as good as it wd get I guess and cheered bc he thought he succeeded, but I thought it was terrible. It didnt feel good at all. Ick. And the position he was in on top of me was awkward to look at too! Writing this, I can still see that veiny misshapen thin pants-monster practically attacking me. I see it as though watching a 3-D movie, it being so close in front of my face that it's the only thing that has any dimension. It looks so nasty! Like it belongs in a horror-porn or something, lol. Our dog (which is actually a dog I had many yrs ago named Chainsaw) got out at some point (why was he w us?) I see him outside the window in the back yard. It's dark. He's getting some also. Getting it on w/ a beautiful cream colored lab or something like that. Super early next morning we try to sneak out before anyone sees us but fail. Girl from last night is there. Asks where I went. Told her to bed. In the other room where she is and has been all night, are nutty buddy wrappers I had left there. I don't understand why she didnt just throw them out instead of sitting at the table w them all over it. I start cleaning them up bc I cant stand to see the empty dirty wrappers all over. I didnt realize I had eaten so many! After cleaning up my mess, Brian/Al and I leave.

AI generated interpretation This dream contains a mixture of elements that may reflect your thoughts, emotions, and experiences in waking life. The setting of a strip club and the interaction with the dancers may symbolize feelings of temptation, desire, and possibly guilt or conflict around sexuality. Your confrontation with Al and your strong words about the dancers being "whores" could suggest inner conflicts about how you view or judge certain aspects of your own sexuality or relationships. The girl clinging to you could represent a desire for emotional connection or intimacy, but also feelings of discomfort or unease in certain social situations. The phone call and the encounter with Clint may symbolize connections to your past, possibly unresolved feelings or memories from your school years or past relationships. The transition from Al to your deceased ex Brian could indicate unresolved emotions or unresolved issues related to your past relationships. The misshapen, veiny penis could symbolize feelings of inadequacy, vulnerability, or discomfort in intimate relationships. The awkwardness and discomfort during the intimate encounter could reflect feelings of dissatisfaction or disconnection in your past relationships. The appearance of your dog Chainsaw engaging in sexual activity could represent primal instincts, animalistic urges, or a need for physical affection or connection. The attempt to sneak out in the morning and the presence of the girl from the night before could symbolize feelings of guilt, embarrassment, or a desire to hide certain aspects of yourself or your experiences from others. Overall, this dream may be highlighting inner conflicts, unresolved emotions, or uncertainties in your personal relationships, sexuality, and sense of self. It may be beneficial to explore these themes further in waking life through self-reflection, open communication with others, or seeking support from a therapist or counselor if needed.