Talking With A Ghost

Date: 8/8/2019

By Lilia

I dreamt this in the morning, so I don’t remember it as well, but it’s basically the same. I was in a dark room, or rather, not even a room. It was completely dark, yet somehow I could see the person I was talking to. They were a silhouette with no facial features, or other features, not even a skin color, completely grey or white. The dream was in third person, so I could see myself too. I was talking to this person, and I couldn’t figure out if they were a guy or girl, but we were talking to me, about something. The person got angry at me for something I said, it seemed. Kind of disappeared, faded away. I was left alone for a moment, then my sister came in my room to wake me up. I didn’t know what we were talking about then either.