more dreams

Date: 1/30/2017

By deepa

so in the last 2 hours ive dreamt quite some more one of it is smth with geo saying hes gonna be here until april and then im rly sad cus thats just 2 months more and it rly sucks /-: then one other dream where i was back in pieface and eveything different like Everythings different and gross and im rly grossed out but i tell myself it aint too bad considering ill be paid a lot but i guess later on i Sort of realise i might be getting Rly shit money and i interact with some customers and one who asks if we serve moscato and i laughed at/with him. basically our desserts were pretty decent.. nect part donald trump is in some part of indian country idk...and in a later part for some twisted gross reason im in a romantic/messed up weird relationship/affair with him where were at some staircase n talking to diff people and at one point i bring up the muslim ban thing very subtlely and he gets rly upset n loads his big rifle thing but not to hurt me but idk what the fuck Strange i think i was even sitting on his lap n all im grossed out......fuck him and the next part i think i come bsck home from this trump meeting and im arranging some books and somehow im at some flea market thing where my cousin is selling all her old clothes n thered one rly nice thats like 50buvks and another ztrange thing is i see one of the clothes she possibly wore in a dream before also being how strange is that Idk....... and then later on shes forcefully getting married or engaged to some guy and im so furious at my mom for entertaining that shit snd she gets mad at me for being rude...i guess thats all