The Tall Man (Update!)

Date: 7/19/2017

By NunoSantos

[OMG..check bellow for the update] I hardly remenber... its faithed this one.. The last thing i remember is a figure of a man apearing from the white background, in front of me .. reaching his hand to me.. i never saw its dark to see.. but he was wearing a raining cape and a gentleman hat and thick gloves. As i try to remember more.. i star to feel that the dream its self got nothing to do with the last image... [ i will keep updating this if i remember more]. 11\09 Update : OMG...seriusly im bafled! I just found out how the guy is!!! its David Bowie i clearly remenber the vibe i fellt and just hapend again when i saw a pic of him wering a suit and a hat at he's last foto shoot, before he died at 61years old.(i not really a fan so i thouth he was dead long ago..never played that much atention)