GUMI's homesickness, and Surreal Puzzles.

Date: 6/7/2019

By ArretVokram

I had a dream that I turned on my PS4 and started playing a game. At first I was watching a cutscene, where GUMI (Vocaloid.) was running across a canyon near the ocean. We were running on a path, going through tunnels that she had supposedly made. Some angry tribal people were throwing spears at us, but GUMI didn't seem very phased by this and kept going. We then got to a bridge and a gate, there were two amazon warriors guarding the gate with spears. In a Harvest Moon-esque cutscene GUMI looked at the gate sadly, and told me her woes. "Through those gates is my home," "but I can't go there," "My sisters let me in," "but a glitch keeps me from going in there." "I have to live 7 years to go back." "This had supposedly happened to Miku in 2016." "Heh, this is going to be an interesting 7 years." I left the bridge on my quest to get GUMI home, but then it supposedly switched to another game. I was at the PlayStation screen of a game called "LazerWire" which was a puzzle game. My brother also wanted to play so I let him. I started the game and it started with a wall of carved out patterns, I shone my lazer at some kind of face, and it began to speak about lore or something. (I didn't hear him well.) Afterwards we were in a level where we had to find the right pose, my brother went through the carefully, while I just decided to just pick all of them, throwing them all on the ground. I won the level and got gold and coffee grounds, but I got less coffee as a penalty for not thinking. I didn't care about the coffee, I just wanted the gold because it would supposedly help GUMI. The next level we had to pull bags of candy with sticks, so I pulled a bunch, and won again. However I was hungry so I went to the table in the game where the candy was. (Somehow) I tried to get the candy, But my sister was in the room, she told me not to eat it because it was sour, and that we could get snacks later. I listened and waited for the candy to disappear, so we could go onto the next level, after this level my brother had stopped playing. The next level I had to find the right path, the entire pipe-maze thing was all laid out for a little. Then the central part got pushed off screen, and I had to remember the right path. Some time had passed and I was playing a level where you had to move a little square mouse-silverfish looking thing move from one side of the room to another. While I was helping the little buddy, the narrator just tore into the poor little guy about being cowardly, and essentially being a mouse. At one point I had to hold the mouse, I did not like how it felt in my hand, but I felt bad for the guy so I got him to the end. The next level was strange, it was a green scaly creature thing, I had to interact with it until it brought me to an bullet hell boss battle with it. I was going to win the fight for GUMI, I was going to get her home, but while I was beginning the fight my mom had woke me up.