Date: 5/13/2017

By dreamsofvoid

I dreamt that izzy, sara, charles, joseph m, and i went to this weird trump tower/disney springs place where everything was gold and in the gift shop i found huge gold pens and i showed sara. for some reason i started to write/draw a smutty fanfic about supernatural (destiel) with the pens on a kids menu and stole the paper bc like hell im lettin anyone see that. (i was also texting tori as i did it bc i thought she'd get a kick outta that) and then we all sit down at a gold table and start talking. izzy was only sorta present, like she only ever laughed at charlie getting roasted. (he had a bubble gum bubble on his forehead???) and also i found out joseph m was half portuguese so i called him portuGAY (???) and thats pretty much where it ended bc everyone laughed at that but you could tell it was forced bc it wasnt that funny.