Digital art, He is feeling excited and confident as he talks with Amy, who he had a massive crush on as a young teen, and they agree to go on a date.

Amy Mc

Date: 3/18/2017

By thetruecall

I was pulled over by a police officer. He didn't give me a ticket. After driving a bit, I was pulled over again after I did an illegal U-y, but also they were looking for some bad guy. I already had my license and registration ready so I handed it to him. He checked it, saw who I was, and apologized for the inconvenience. Some note I had with my documents had fallen on the ground and he handed it back to me. He knew who I was, and was very respectful about giving the note back. I was somehow with Amy McCarville, who was my friend David's older sister by 4 years, and who I had a massive crush on when I was young. She saw the note, which was something sad and personal. Not sure what it said, but in my dream it was apparently something I carried with me. Amy was very touched by what she saw in the note. We talked for a while, and I could tell she felt more familiar with me after reading the note. By the way, we are our present age in the dream. It's been 20+ years since I was in middle school with a massive pitiable crush on this girl, who had been a senior in H.S. when I was an eighth grader. Anyway, I'm who I am now, so I'm not a bumbling shy kid anymore. So, I'm enjoying my conversation with Amy and I feel comfortable with her. She is, of course, still very beautiful, and the whole time I'm with her I have that excited feeling you get when you're with a girl you really like. I feel light as a feather, and sometimes when I look at her I get that electric feeling shooting over my skin. I'm very confident and bringing out a lot charm while we're talking, and she's laughing and smiling at all my stuff. Anyways, at some point we agree to go on a date, and I'm ecstatic! I feel fucking awesome! I drop Amy off at some point, it seems like I was taking her somewhere, and I go to David's house. I pick David up, along with another girl we know well. I can't remember who she was, except I remember she was a brunette. Interestingly, David looks about like he did when we started high school. I'm excited as fuck, and I tell David that I'm dating his sister! David can't believe it. Which isn't surprising, I'm a little shocked myself. The girl we're with is also surprised, but apparently she's a good friend of Amy's, and she says she doesn't think this is a good idea. She says she knows Amy, and thinks someone (implying me) is going to end up getting hurt. Not only am I not deterred by this, but this has the opposite effect, and now I'm even MORE excited about the prospect of dating Amy.