New Job in London, in a Haunted Hospital

Date: 5/7/2017

By Palomino

I moved to London to work in a hospital. My first day was on Thanksgiving. My grandma's neighbor who doesn't like me also lived in London. She was hosting Thanksgiving dinner for a group of American expats and invited me out of a sense of obligation. I went because I wanted free food. I returned to work and found that Celeste worked in the office across the hall from mine. Someone had stolen her lighter and her hairbrush. Everyone thought the thief was most likely Merlin, risen from the dead. They were all firm believers in ghosts and kept trying to convince me to believe, too. As I was leaving work, I did see a ghost. It was a nurse who supposedly haunted the hospital regularly. One of the doctors pointed her out to me. I told him I might have seen her because of the power of suggestion. I went to the tube station next door. There were a lot of ticket desks there, like in an airport. There was also a duty free shop. I wanted to look at the wine but I had to hurry and buy an Underground pass to get home. The ladies at the ticket counter said foreigners couldn't buy them. When I explained I was going to live in London indefinitely, they agreed to pull some strings for me. They gave me a long and detailed form to complete.