The One Where Renee Cries About Chris

Date: 7/13/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m in a bedroom with Renee, Sarah Shifflett, Barbara and some of my girl friends. We sit on a bed and start gossiping about something that’s supposed to be a secret when Renee looks at me and says she has something to tell everyone. I know exactly what she’s about to say, and I get really nervous and try to stop her because the person who it’s about is there, and because we barely know Barbara. I tell her to come into a random little office space right off the bedroom with me so that I can talk her out of it. I’m sitting in the office and waiting, but she doesn’t come in. Instead, Kristina Bernard walks in. I ask where Renee is and she just looks at me like I’m stupid. I look out the window and see her sitting there in a circle of girls that weren’t with us before. I realize that they’re in the middle of a small group. I call Renee into the room again. She comes in, but before I can tell her what I want to say, she starts freaking out on me. I’m taken aback by this. Explaining why she’s angry at me for pulling her aside, she tears up and says, “I haven’t gotten to spend any time with Chris (Martenson)!” I’m confused by this — seeing as Chris Martenson isn’t even here — and tell her to watch what she says.