Date: 5/27/2017

By deepa

how do i even explain this mess of a dream..a LOT HAPPENED but i cant remmber it ranges from me sightseeing chinatown. and smth with my family trying to buy a house or smth and ive to go seduce this person and get it at 10percent and not 95percrnt and lot of ppl are there and we r on the floor trying to have sex and ive to make sure he doesnt see the name on the screen... and smth with my mother texting me to tell me i shud watch gay man on man porn to not like depreive myself while im away or smth cud apparently i told her im gay? but im a im confused that my mom would even say those words ahahaha. and um.. yea and im lookijg for wild animals with some guy in the night time after a temple visit and a mosque visit where i see derek..and some chick drags me away... smth with photo taking of a building and having a big dinner with lots of ppl and my sister.. and um how my sister changed my hamsters housing a bit and how hes climbing the walls of.the tub and im so worried. A lot of surreal stuff that could easily have happened in real life....omg and hanna saying she will take care of my hamster for a month and also smth like im in an high rise apartment and im rly scared of the glass walls