Time traveling

Date: 5/8/2019

By stardustzer0

I am with a group of people and we are at my Grandma’s property- and going to the field next to hers where the old tobacco barn is. We have somehow managed to travel through time to find that there is an experiment being done on this property; there are cabins and sheds that we do not look in but know that there are people who have been worked on. I think there are about 8 of us in the my group. We cannot get caught. For some reason we are able to start blending in with the people that are there even though we are not dressed the same. It is time for our group to go so I try to get all of us together but we are one short. Our missing person shows up but she is not herself. She is evil now and we must not allow her to come back with us. I fight her and in the fight she takes off her clothes. She is trying to scratch me and laughing and smiling but her smile is evil, dead. At some point we are at a McDonald’s that is close to close but we have to order something specific to time travel again. Our food has to have spinach on it. I hurriedly order my cheeseburger with spinach and pickles and get it just in time. Someone has a graph of background radiation in the universe and they are showing me anomalies- these are the anomalies that indicate where we must travel next. They are discrepancies in time. We must travel to wear those anomalies are. We travel to where one of these anomalies are and there are titans on a ring floating through space they are old and huge. We have to fight these Titans.