I Stole a Micro Pig 🐷

Date: 6/6/2017

By amandalyle

I had stolen a micro pig from one of the neighbour's in the close we lived in. My daughter was elated. She'd always wanted a micro pig. He soon became one of the family and we all loved him dearly. I found my friend kylie was sobbing in the kitchen. She was going on holiday with her boyfriend, Alex, but had baked a huge cake. The care and dedication she'd committed to this cake was unreal - it was amazing! "But I won't get chance to eat it!" She sobbed. "It's okay," I said "I can eat it for you!" My son Alex then ran in and he had holes in his school trousers. The micro pig must have got at him. I then realised that the door had been left open and as I ran out of the door, I saw that our pet micro pig had run across the close to his 'real' family. They were glaring at me as if to say "how dare you steal our pig!" I quickly shut the door and bolted it.