The robber

Date: 4/24/2017

By rubyisabel1

I don't remember this dream too much but what I do remember won't get out if my head. I'm walking with my friend klarissa to her house and I'm a bit nervous because we stopped being friends for a while and was scared that her mother would not like me. Anyways, we go to her house, I say hi to her mom and we're all talking. Then someone bangs on the door. It's a man. He says that he's robbing us and has a gun in his hand. I run with klarissa's mom and I escape her house through her bedroom window. But as I'm jumping out the window, i see the man holding klarissa in a headlock and taking her go another room. With my phone in my hand, I run outside to her driveway and I see my friend emily and her brother in the driveway and I hop into the car. The man's car was in the driveway and the car door was open. As we're sitting in the car in her driveway I call the cops and the cops arrive immediately. We see the cops shoot at the man, the man falls, and we're relieved. But then the man gets back up and says "you cant kill me, im indestructible". So then we drive off and this part terrifies me. We're driving through klarissa's neighborhood and every single house is on fire. But it was like it was normal. The robber's face was like in the fire smiling and there's kids riding the bikes normally. The whole neighborhood is on fire. It is dark outside as well. Then I remember being told that, the robber has taken over the world. That's all I remember.