a cat named chlorine

Date: 8/29/2019

By alessbd

was walking with a group of people who i think were supposed to be my cohort for university. cameron and madison were there though. we were crossing the street outside of what looked like an airport or maybe a train station, and cameron got into a little scuffle with this lady who was pushing a shopping cart so he pushed her cart over in the middle of the street and everyone around us looked all shocked. he kept saying “oh my god why do i do that”. my cohort kept walking but this lady outside the station who had like 8 cats and was trying to wrangle them looked at me and was like “can you please hold him??” and held out a cat to me. i was like “of course” so i held him for a while and comforted him. he was a big long haired black cat and his name was chlorine lmao. then later i texted madison to see where she was but she was lost too so we went together to find the rest of the cohort and we found them in this meeting room and i feel like they thought we were really cool. the girls were all really cute and the boys were all kinda ugly. we hung out with the girls later and learned all their names and they were all super fucking fun and outgoing. then they had to leave and cam picked me up but he was driving davis’ car and the boys were in there so i crammed in with them and we went driving downtown and then we went thrifting but i don’t remember a lot from that part of the dream