A mother beaten

Date: 2/13/2017

By atwoodforprez

Very graphic Wandered on an indoor train track. It was active. One had to be aware of oncoming trains. Kelly offered me the top bunk. The sheets were very comfy. Middle school aged kids occupied that room. They thought I was cool. There was a young looking man with two grown sons and a wife. He beats the wife with a cane. The cane protrudes from her body on both ends. She lies in what looked like dead outside the back or front door. The two sons come home nobody asks about the mother. Eventually one of the sons does find her. Magically the mother is alive. The sons let her in with the cane sticking out her. I appeared in the room. The mother expressed to her sons that she thought everyone wanted her dead. The sons look at me. I get nervous they are going to kill me.