Cosplay on a Soccer Field with a Game of Tennis

Date: 8/12/2017

By JourneyT

This story is just as the title sounds; I was with a group of young twenty year olds, and a man told us to go get super suits on. Turns out that only one person cosplayed which was a finely-tanned millennial female. Her suit was an exact replica of Black Cat from Marvel. Everyone assumed she was the real deal, she even died her hair, the only problem was that she had a pixie. The coach payed no attention and threw tennis rackets at us. Most had a confused expression, but still seemed normal. As we walked across the soccer field I noticed there were others playing with soccer balls. My group was the "odd ball out" I guess. Once we made it to our designated corner, he pulled what seemed like soft balls out of his pockets. We took it as a normal thing to play tennis on a soccer field with soft balls. Unaware of how he stored that many in his pockets, we chose partners. I chose the Black Cat girl. She was actually nice, and a very good catcher. She didn't like using the racket, but I thought it was innovative. After what seemed like hours, a drone flew over and hovered about ten feet above our heads. The coach yelled in excitement "ok, here's your chance to get in the big leagues, smile and play your heart out." My partner took a pose and just smiled at the camera. I started to become furious, "if I lose my career over you, then you lose your superhero title and gain a supervillain one." Still no reply.