Can you babysit my 17-year-old son?

Date: 3/9/2017

By amandalyle

I was in some kind of book store/coffee shop. I was talking to a guy called Stephen Hampson (from back in school) and strangely, he had taken a shine to me. We had a connection. We were getting on like a house on fire. I asked him what his relationship status was and he said he was single but had his eye on someone ... that eye was on me! He then turned into a younger guy (a teenage boy) and I kept having to carry him around like a child. I was now babysitting for a woman I once knew, who is hugely up her own arse. We had a meal together previously and she was bragging about how her son is doing really well in school. I felt sad because my son is really struggling, but I didn't tell her this. Instead I agreed to look after her son. So I was shocked to find out he was a 17-year old boy. I enjoyed looking after him. He was a good kid. But somewhere along the line, he got the wrong idea and tried to put his hands down my trousers. "NO!" I shouted, and removed his hand. He then breathed a gassy substance into my mouth and I thought he had drugged me. It's only pepperoni he said, putting his tongue out to show me. "Why don't you kids go out and play?" His mum suggested. "Hmm, okay!" I said reluctantly. Next scene; I was at a park, sat in a huge tire. I saw someone I knew - Tom Golden. He was fatter than ever and he was walking towards me. I remember thinking "Holy crap! He's put on some timber!"