Lain and I went to palaye

Date: 6/8/2019

By wentzling1

So lain and I went to fall out boy. I kept getting increasingly drunk. The drinks were free and you had to get in a line for them. So anyways. We sit down, im enjoying the show. Emerson is in the middle of this stage singing. The concert is amazing but I’m with these two girls and they’re beefing with me. The venue feels like Rogers place but when I look up, it’s like the mall ceiling. Anyways so this girl is like “you’re doing too much, shut the fuck up.” So I go “have you ever been to a concert, ho?” So at this point in time I’m getting up to go. And I drop my drink so it splashed towards her. I go see Lainey. She gives me kisses. And then I go look for the boys!! I wanna meet them! So I make my way around the left side of the arena and I find this room where I see Emerson through the glass. So I go and say hi but he’s like “fuckin leave I don’t wanna see your annoying ass, I’m sleeping.” He knows me by NAME but he’s DRAGGING ME. So then outta nowhere some frickin deception attacks and I have to get Emerson outside and all that. Yadda yadda. It’s whack.