Date: 3/24/2017

By deepa

something with a charity thing like a charity thing and u wear a shirt you gotta act a certain different way..something with a Huge house and im walking in to find that its so bare and i accidentally wander in too far and i try and escape..another bit withme and geo i think he wants to do smth i dont wanna and oh before that we r in his room with johnny and somehow we start arguing cus he says someomes gonna stay over at his place again and im like WHAT WHO else and johnny stays for a lot of the fight and then eventually leaves..and then i think were with klaudia and a lot of ppl and im twlling her im starving and joon.brings her so much naan and so much indian food and i get so jealous and then geo walks in with some prata but like way little food compared to joon but im still pretty happy but wow im materialistic...smth to improve on i guess then. the last part had smth with a 4stage thing and the last bit was being on the bus and we were gettinf off at farrerroad mrt...hmm idk