Date: 2/9/2017

By deepa

ive been sleeping the whole day today cus of this big hangover tired grogginess and i kept sleeping for 20mins waking up n then sleeping its very irregular and terrible but anyway during one of these bits i had a good vivid dream where like geo is there and lot of his friends are there and its a big house. theres also a side story where dogs and children are killed and cats are wheels...its weird at some point some police women investigates a swing or smth where theres a big teddy bear with blood all over and basically theres a dead child in there or smth... strange ao foe the geo part of the story at some point hes hugging n tickling andra and i get rly jealous? idk cus i guess they were too close n shit whatever and when he walked away i assumed he had a boner..its weird....and then something like in one of the doors my aunt n her daughter r there and smth about cooking some rice at 7pm.. idk and then geo asks me to follow him to some place to buy some orange juice cus he wants to experiment with smth and at some point we r just buying some oranges... the last part is me n someone else somehow playing the tiniest golf game like the golf thing stick club itself is as big as my forearm and im rly bad at it.. odd