shitting all over myself

Date: 2/9/2017

By charette888

I was at the bar with my brother and i suddenly made a juicy fart which turned out to be a huge pile that was getting out of my pants i even had some shit on the forehead i went to clean up at the toilet i decided to go to the private handicaped bathroom which were super luxurious then some girl came in and said the door was locked this night for the bathroom (because suddenly the bar was now an hotel) then i came back to my table after having cleaning up and realized i had forgot to wash the shit on my forehead i then went to the public bathroom and when i opened the door it was so small that i had only space to sit on a wooden plank knees to the door and no faucet then then i looked around and it was in the corner of the bar like exposed to the clients of the bar i cleaned up and returned to the table again then i started r a new dream