Date: 8/18/2019

By sambarton

In a sport check on yonge, had some crazy colourful shoes on and was in the store with jackson a, and some others. maggie told me i needed to steal some lights and jackson ended up seeing and got insanely mad at me. next thing i know i’m in my parents bedroom and kamil is asking me why i want to go to university of hawaii and there are other people there too. except everyone there hates me including him for something i did. i end up just saying ik ppl going. he asks me again knowing i’m not just going for my friends. i end up breaking down crying tell him how i’ve pretty much been depressed for 2 years and wanted to die and i need a change. he’s crying too now and so are some others. next thing i know i’m walking w that group of people and i get ahead of them so i’m walking by myself. kamil ends up running up behind me and joins me walking, and starts talking about smth i cant remember. but ik at this point he had forgiven me for whatever i had done. felt really nice talking to him again. somehow i end up in my car and i’m supposed to be driving to night school but i only have my g1 so i can’t get caught. spencer s ends up giving me driving advice?? i start driving up the street next to mine except after the light the street never ends and unicyclers are riding w me but crashing and rolling down the hill. next thing i know i’m blowing up balloons w teegan and there is a live chat because apparently we r live on youtube?? then i woke up