My house

Date: 8/22/2017

By Megan425

Haven't done one of these in a while. Cuz I kept on forgetting to / forgetting my dreams. My house was somewhere different than where it is. But that didn't seem to matter. Except that every time I went into it it looked a little different than it is IRL. And I kept asking everyone what was changing but nobody would answer. Then I snuck into an upstairs apartment only to find out that what was supposed to be empty had a baby who looked like an old man ... but was s baby. (Oh and it was on the market for 450 per month) I alerted the authorities re: the child - while ensuring that no one knew I broke in. Most of the rest of the dream involved me on some college campus laughing about not having to go to class.... but then being forced to go. ... then finally got home to my house where I had to like pull myself through the door. My husband was having a party and my house at this stage was legitimately different. Like the hallways went on forever.... and I had to make my husband leave the party to come look at the cheap house.