Shit is weird..

Date: 2/28/2019

By Emile

I was at one of those churches where they do random stuff like revive people and lay their hands on others. While I was there, it felt like two groups of pastors were battling it out for the most holy. Most of them were black, but there was one white guy. I only stayed there for a short while, because I really needed to use the bathroom. I walked to the bathroom and as I wanted to enter, I noticed that I was barefoot. I find this absolutely revolting. I went in regardless, trying my best not to step in anything (like puddles or shit). All the toilets were broken except one. There was a little puddle next to it with some shit next to it. It was moving toward a hole in the ground closer to the wall next to the toilet. I decided to take a quick shit and get out. As I was sitting there, the feces on the floor came closer to my feet and the puddle had become a little bigger. Also, someone else came in. It was a girl with a nice ass that I could somehow see as all the walls have been replaced by curtains. I lifted one of the curtains to get a better look as she was busy getting undressed. She looked around to see if there was someone there, but didn't notice me. I realised, however, that the curtain was stuck and that I was standing up with a magazine in my hand and I was naked. She asked if someone was there, but I gave no answer. She walked around and definitely saw me. As she came around the corner where I was standing, she asked if someone wanted to help her look for her headband. I agreed to help and as I looked down, I noticed that the entire bathroom had been flooded and I was neck deep in brown toilet water. I woke up shortly after.