My friend is Gay, and a Big Swallowtail Butterfly

Date: 8/13/2019

By Shonna

My friend had a girl that she brought along for a mountain trip that we was going on with my husband. I was surprised to find out that she was her girlfriend. So, I brought it up. My friend became so embarrassed, and her girlfriend was a little hurt because she felt like she was hiding their secret. I tried to lighten the situation by telling my friend that her girlfriend was pretty, and make it seem as though everything was alright. Afterwards, they fell into a conflict and went to take a nap. We ended up in an old house, that was supposed to be theirs. While everyone was asleep I caught a big beautiful swallowtail butterfly, that was half dragonfly. I held it very carefully while it tried to escape. I asked my grandmother (who was there also) if she knew where a frame was that I could put it in. I wanted to keep it. We never found a frame, and I noticed a woman outside saying that she wanted her house back. Apparently my friend and her girlfriend took over a house that wasn't theirs...