afternoon nap semi lucidity

Date: 2/28/2017

By deepa

so the first part of the dream was basically me in geos room and tommys there and then above geos bed is basically a massive vertival wall with several doors which are basically all the room above his flat and all the doors are facing us so it makes no sense for the ppl to come out n go but everytime a door opens and closes with no human in sight we take it that someone left the room and we r planning on crashingsome random persons room maybe for sex? and i come up with the suggestion that we can cimb this wall cus we can hold onto the ledges from the door and climb it like a spider but after a brief whilw theres no way to climb it the structures a bit modified idk how to explain... ok second part smth like im home and im in a super half awake half sleeping thing in real life as well as the dream cus of interruptions and its so intense in the dream cus at one point i open my front door and my eyes r tryimg SO hard to stay awake but im rly dalling asleep so the outside world is pitch black and in my dream state i twll myself to wear my specs and the doors Rly heavy for some reason and its still pitch black outside its such a strange feeling cus im trying So hard to keep awake but my eyes r So drowsy so at some point i knew what was happenin maybe? VERY MILD LUCIDIty cus at the door i tell myself "ok im kinda in a dreamy thing so i can go to my room and have a little wank/rub" so i do that and i feel like it was lucid cus i could feel the touches prettt vividly like i could feel someone feel up my legs and then i wake up cus i guess i excited myself into breaking it.. oh yea at somw point in the middle daashayani is there on the bus with me with big red nails and the drowsiness already kinda start