The Secret Garden

Date: 4/26/2017

By amandalyle

I was at the local Swimming pool. The kids had swimming lessons. They were already in the pool and I wanted to watch them swim. Annoyingly, we all had to put these plastic shoe covers on and I joked about how awful they were to a guy stood behind me. He was wearing a long smoker's jacket and had longish curly hair. He was strangely handsome. Despite there only being one plastic shoe cover left, and me joking "are your feet really that bad? I'll just go barefoot. You take the shoe cover!", we hit it off so much that he gave me his phone number. For some reason, I didn't mention that I was married and he called me 5 minutes later. Then the phone line cut off and I felt disappointed. I sat by the pool, at first, and even went in the pool (fully clothed) until the swimming instructor glared at me, as if to say... "you haven't paid to swim!" I then got out (miraculously dry) and sat on a flimsy bench that looked like it was about ready to give way. A woman and her child sat next to me, and when I saw the guy in the smokers jacket again, I felt disappointed that there wasn't a seat next to me for him to sit on. He tried to squeeze onto the bench, but it was useless. It was too small. He walked off, so I followed him into what appeared to be a secret garden and we ran into each other's arms. (Like one of those romantic runs you seen in films!) We tumbled onto the floor and laughed. We looked at each other for a second and I knew he was going to kiss me, but then my husband walked into the secret garden and casually asked me about my day. As I was talking to him, I noticed that he had yellow 'crime tape' on the backs of his lower front teeth. He clocked that I had noticed and pulled it off, insecurely. The other guy didn't seem to notice, but he did look disappointed that I was married. Next scene; we had climbed up a massive mountain. Kilimanjaro or something? It was some sort of 'action packed' family holiday. When we reached the top, we all sat around a campfire and I was shocked to find Mat's 94 year old gran sitting with us. How on Gods name did she manage to climb up here? I wondered. It was tough enough for me. She did, however, seem a little bit deranged and was muttering away to herself - like this mountain climb had pushed her over the edge, or something. Next scene; I was in a carpark and noticed a sad looking boy in the car next to us. He had been left alone, although the window was slightly open. To cheer him up, I gave him this great big bag of nachos. He was instantly happy, but his mother was fuming. She came storming over and said "how dare you feed my child junk food!" I then sent Mat into the shop to buy me some apples and grapes. But he came out of the shop minus the grapes. "Oh crap! I forgot the grapes!" He sighed. Bloody useless! I thought. Next scene; I was visiting my best friend. I was surprised to see that she now had two kids (when did this happen?) She had a little baby boy and I remember thinking how cute he was but was shocked at how different he looked compared to his sister.