I was gay for my brother in an alien spaceship

Date: 2/16/2019

By macyeet

So these aliens invited me and my brother to visit their spaceship on the moon. I don’t have a brother in real life. But I was looking at my legs and they had dark long hair on them. Somehow I turned into an identical twin of my brother. But we were on a mission to rescue these earth animals from the aliens who weren’t even doing anything evil to them. But we stayed until it was time to leave then we took a shower together. For some reason when I went in the shower I was overcome by lust for my brother. I saw both of our dongs next to each other and it was somehow hot to me. I stumbled out of the shower away from the humid air and was disgusted with myself. Luckily my brother didn’t notice. I was more stressed about the mission than he was and he said he would get the fish which would be the hardest. We had two bottles of Suave body wash in a teal color. One of them was for us and one was for washing the animals. But we finished packing our shower stuff when I woke up.