natasha kampusch

Date: 6/6/2017

By deepa

so me n hanna go inside this i guess burrito shop? and we r on the floor chatting with this chick about the shop and at first i think the boss who walks in is cher its a really tall woman but then somehow theres a party that starts with lots of ppl coming in and i realise its natasha kampusch? if thats how u spell it and im like No way..and im dying to talk to her but i never get the chance to and hanna eventually leaves and dereks there n maybe im being close to him but eventually i have to leave cus i miss my chance with her and my bus is a bit strange going in loops. or smth im not sure. and then another dream with me hesding to the club? but with derek n celine n sorts i see dacia on the way too and basically im carrying some guys Huge bag thru the club and i try n get one of the lockers for it and i strike a friendly convo with this indian lady but in the end she doesnt even help im in the club n i find derek n timothy and im asking whos bag it is..idk and celine has a few books shes putting in a lockwr its a mess of a club really.