Date: 2/3/2017

By deepa

ok scary big dream..so me and geo are going to the east to get something and somehow we r in this cottage chalet thing with ppl we know and we watch goodfellas at first i guess its all rly good n then we watch snth else we also eat some food at some weird place before that i think shit starts there as well but im forgetting basically at the cottage i guess ppl were getting possessed just liddat oh i think it might be a class trip too idk but a tutor was there and derek was there and basically i got possessed at one point by some rly scary black old lady thing IDK im still kinda scared..and i was wearing a tube top which i will explain in a bit...so at some point they turned me over whil3 im still possessed n shit they turned me over on the floor n drew something on my back so basically they didnt rly hurt me so deep down i was relieved that it wasnt mad after that i calmed down i guess but basically there was no need for me to have been possessed so im lowkey upset. after that derek gives some of us a ride and we drop the tutor off first n when she gets off she gets back in n shows me a video from last night of me in a trance or whatever and i sort of accidentally pull my top down so eevryone sees my nipples and noone helps pull it up so im like ok..whatever just dont post it but she doesnt rly say yes or no n leaves..and then derek drops us at a school and theres a math elsson im attending and while im walking in i talk to the two chicks who summoned the demon thing onto me and im like wtf it was a ugly ghsot or snth and they get slightly agitated like i said smth offensive n i feel like they were gonna make me possessed again but i said sorry x10...and then i was like "actually it wasnt too bad cus for most part they just drew something on me" and as soon as i mentioned the drawing on my back they sort of gave themselves a "oh shit" face n went into the clads n i sat beside them n tried asking them cus WTF.... and throughout the math lesson im basically not listening and at some point liam gallagher is in one of the pictures in the book...and we r doing some physical exercise and i for christs sake cant even do a push up and everyones doing a plank and im So weak like its such a scary weak cus i see the people opposite me doing stuff and i cant even lift my legs ITS SO weird and then were back at the math class and for some reason the field outside is like utown field or smth n just strange shit its a strange atmosphere like shits going down.....and at some point theres a gun going off and in the next room my sistwr is talking n arguing and my grandfather asks what kind of gun is he using and evrryones freaking out IDK AND THen i walk in i guess geo is thwre at some point and im in some nice sexy night dress thing...and after literally 2 mins we see that utown is Packed with ppl like theres a wedding at one part theres a soccer match about to begin but theres just So much random machinery n objects in random aprts of the field so im wondering what kind of soccer match is that... oh my and then i ask geo to help me follow get smth from across the field and so he does n we collext some Huge model thing i think a model of the munich uni(tum) slides in the library shit..how strange and then we discuss if the tutor will post it cus she hinted at posting it not to shame me but for lets say some academic research idk... and i was just psychingmyself saying nah she wont post it... basically theres more parts with the creepy possession cus literally everyone else was possessed too but im just forgetting....the details but it was fucking scary if i just might add ok also some additional dream parts and i dont know where to slot it in but somehow i buy someone this 300 dollar cap even tho ive no money i manage to get it like it was almost like i was gonna die n i wanted to do this one last thing so i got it for this guy idk if its geo... and something about big red cars.... also before all of this big dream i had a mini one bwfore wakimg up at about 3am that some lecturer was briefing us for so bloody long n then me n geo got on a bus n we were all cuddled up n it was nice thats all