Demonic Lizard Ppl diguised as Whores & School Teachers/Magical Blood-Letting Butter Knives

Date: 6/5/2019

By blucanary

~ I see a man on a motorcycle. It's stationary and parked on the edge of a large hole in the ground (the hole is a well of some sort, but there isnt any sort of brick or wall or whatever to help prevent ppl from falling in. It just looks like a hole in the grassy ground). There's a woman on the bike w/ him. She looks...well, she looks like a whore. The man doesnt look interested so much as he just looks sad. His hands are on the handles of his bike, and he's looking down at them rather than paying attention to the woman. ~ Now the scene changes slightly. The motorcycle is gone, and the man (his name is Jeff) is sitting on a chair, still at the edge of the hole, but a cheap square table (the kind many ppl use for large family gatherings) is covering the hole itself. Across from him on the other side of the table is Jeffs best friend, Mike. Mike kinda looks like Denofri in that movie 'Chained'. He's slightly overweight, looks abt 40 yrs old, and looks to be a little dumb. Maybe he's just a bit slow. ~ The whore is now sitting next to Mike (idk what else to call her). She is *extremely* pale w long black wavy hair and bright red lipstick on her DSLs. She's wearing very little clothing but what is there is silvery & black. Next to Jeff is a woman who looks a bit like an elementary school teacher or a librarian or something. She has light brown hair that reaches just to her chin, and she's wearing a cardigan type sweater that covers her very well. She's rather plain, simple looking, but she is definitely more Jeffs type. She looks like she brings very little drama w/ her wherever she goes (unlike the other woman). ~ Suddenly the table is gone, and the whore crawls down into the hole. She's climbs down the side of the hole for a moment before popping her head back up over the side and giving a creepy smile. She climbs back down again, looking very lizard-like as she does so. Mike is freaking out. He doesn't get much attention from women, so he thinks this one is special just bc she paid any attention at all to him. He dives right in after her. ~ Suddenly the table is back. Jeff is still sitting in his chair next to the school teacher, and Mike is across from him. Mike looks different though. Like it's someone, rather some *thing*, trying to impersonate Mike, rather than it actually being Mike himself. And his mouth is really wide. Like a lizards mouth or something. And the wide mouth just looked like an empty black space, like it had no teeth or anything! Like it was a lizard person wearing a 'Mike suit'! Jeff looks slightly hypnotized, like he was made to forget that Mike just jumped into the hole, and therefore didnt question this weird version of Mike now sitting across from him. ~ The school teacher, leaning on her elbows and looking all innocent & contrite, says to Jeff, "Tell me what happened". He looks to Mike as he says "I dont think I should". "Mike" says (w/ his weird wide toothless black hole of a mouth), "Go ahead. Tell her everything". ~ I cd see this whole thing was a plot. The more powerful demonic woman had to lure (the actual) Mike away so that another demon cd impersonate Mike and help the more innocent looking demonic woman pry information out of Jeff. There was some sort of secret they needed to know to use against them. ~ Jeff then goes into a long speech aimed at Mike abt when they started to become distant. Not long ago at all, Mike wd never leave Jeffs side. And Mike wd NEVER tell anyone anything that happened when they hung out. Almost as if his time w Jeff was sacred. But lately, Mike has been on his own more and more, or sometimes talking to other ppl (which he never did before)! And now he was telling Jeff it was alright to tell this stranger something personal abt Mike's and Jeff's life (I got the feeling it had something to do w/ the last thing said to someone they knew before that person died). This is when Jeff realized the (emotional) distance suddenly growing between them. ~ The school teacher cd wait no longer to find out what she needed to know. She was growing impatient, and so took a knife out from somewhere on her, and started saying something in a weird language. What appeared to be a force field of amazing light shone around the woman and Jeff. She took the knife and put it up to her throat (the knife, though it looked like just an average butterknife, was actually a magical knife, much much sharper than it appeared to the human eye, and made out of a special magical metal. The knife needed to be coated in the demonic womans blood, which is why she was going to cut her throat w it. This wd make it even more powerful, and wd gv Jeff [he was "the chosen one"] an even better chance at killing some bigger badder demon the women needed dead. The cutting of her throat and the release of her blood like that wd also make Jeff tell her what she needed to know). ~ The blinding light around them must hv been what revealed the plot, bc Jeff suddenly knew what was happening as well. He was mentally stronger than the demon woman had thought, and instead of falling deeper into hypnosis as he was suppose to do, he suddenly became aware of everything going on. He grabbed her hands and tried to pry the knife from her fingers. She managed to cut only abt a quarter of a finger length into her neck before the knife went flying. Within the forcefield of light I also see a huge drop of blood fly off from the womans throat and float around. It looked as if there was no gravity within the forcefield of light or something). ~Once again the table is gone (I'm beginning to think it was never there to begin with. As if it was just an illusion created by these demonic lizard women or whatever they were). The knife goes flying blade over handle, handle over blade, round and round, into the hole. And then just as quick, as they're watching the knife fall into the hole, the woman pushes Jeff. He is now falling into the hole as well. He knows that if he's in the hole, he NEEDS that knife, but the hole is covered in this colorful fog that prevents you from seeing anything around you. ~ This is when I finally appear in my own dream as opposed to just being a spectator of it. Like I had been watching from the sidelines before, but as soon as I saw that Jeff was in real trouble, I ran and jumped into the hole right behind him. It felt as if we were falling for awhile (like Disney's Alice In Wonderland when Alice is falling down the rabbit hole). Finally he lands, and I land a mere moment later. He was on his hands and knees feeling around the floor (which we cdnt see bc of the fog) for the knife. The fog was from our feet to abt our knees, then it was clear from our knees to abt a foot above our heads, but everything above that was again covered in the tye-dye fog. ~ While Jeff was feeling around frantically for the knife, I looked to the right of me and saw a very small fog-less hill. The knife had landed right on top of it. I grabbed it and handed it to Jeff. He was so happy that I had jumped in after him to help him (and had already helped by finding the knife) that he grabbed me, embracing me in a tight hug! The way he had grabbed me, somehow my legs ended up open and his legs were between mine. So I cd feel him on my crotch area. And I began to get a bit aroused. For a brief moment I imagined us becoming intimate, but it went away as I began to hear something. At that exact moment Jeff wondered aloud where Mike was. The sounds became clearer. Mike was obviously not far, just around the corner in a room I cd see the door to, having sex with the woman he jumped into the hole after. Jeff and I make eye contact when we realize what's going on and laugh uncomfortably/awkwardly. Then we hear the whore say "Ohhhhh! Scissoring!!" all excited like. Something woke me up at this point and I cdnt get back to sleep, so here I am writing it down instead of dreaming more, lol.