Digital art, As the dreamer struggles to recall a series of puzzling and bizarre events involving spooning a stranger with a deformed prosthetic, nakedly navigating a foliage-filled hotel, and being comforted by an unexpected friend on a graduation rooftop, they wonder if there was any meaning to the madness.

a series of unfortunate events

Date: 8/6/2019

By alessbd

i can’t for the life of me remember what order these events went in but anyways. first i remember being in a bed with some indian guy i didn’t recognize and he was spooning me and like clearly had a raging boner. i remember kind of wanting to have sex with him but also kind of not. i think someone else was in the bed as well. i compromised with him and myself and ended up giving him a blowjob and i thought i was doing a good job bc he was responding well and all but then the head of his dick like fell off in my mouth?? and i was like wtf but i guess his dick was deformed so he had a prosthetic head and that was really weird. then i was in a really pretty hotel that had a bunch of plants in it and a bunch of people from ballard and blaine were all staying there. at one point i think i was locked out of my room so i was running around the hotel naked. the only person i remember seeing me was jack anderson and he just looked down and said “heh” so that was embarrassing. at another point i remember being absolutely infuriated with erin and cameron about something but i can’t remember what. they were both crying though bc i think they thought our friendship was over. i think erin said something bad about magnus. then i ran up onto the roof of the hotel and everyone was up there in their grad caps and gowns except magnus was there but since he didn’t graduate from ballard he just had on a red shirt and a funny hat. but then he saw i was really upset and he ran after me and calmed me down and i remember it being really comforting. i also remember ethan nishi was in a pink cap and gown for some reason