Teaching a child to dream

Date: 6/22/2017

By tpoudrier

Ellen and I were at our Savannah apartment and having some people over and then a child was brought over by Jordyn. I was working on getting everyone out at the end of the "party" but no one wanted to take the child home. Ellen agrees to let him stay for the night while Im outside trying to get others to take him. I turn around and see Ellen and the child playing with the cats on the porch. (At this point I physically wake up in grammy Isabels basement and toss and turn a bit before falling back asleep) I head upstairs in Grammys house and make my way to the. Ack bedroom, noticing the child is tucked into that bed and is sleeping. I exit as quietly as possible making it to the kitchen before hearing movement in the hallway - its the young boy. He is scared and says he saw a dark presence floating above him causing him to wake. I wonder if that was me, but say nothing about it. He sits down in a chair in the living room and I ask him about his dreams. Suddenly I realize he is much more in tune with his dreams than myself and he makes fun of me. I tell him that there is still much he should learn, but the conversation ends.